S7 Edge Overheating Recall

Is Galaxy S7 Edge Overheating Recall On the Cards?

Samsung is one of the finest smartphone manufacturers of the era but the South Korean company has been under fire in the recent times. And the reason has been its flagship product S7 Edge exploding after heating up. So are we going to see another Galaxy S7 Edge overheating recall just like we saw for Note 7 in the past?

Recently a picture of a burnt Galaxy S7 Edge was posted which showed the phone exploded and caught fire exposing the battery of the phone. The reason behind the phone catching fire is thought to be overheating of the battery, the same reason that has haunted Samsung in the past. The user, whose phone exploded, was trying to take a photograph when the phone hanged.

S7 Edge Overheating Recall

He placed the Galaxy phone on the countertop to switch it on, but the phone just caught fire and exploded. It now needs to be seen what action Samsung will take on this issue considering the fact that Galaxy S7 Edge is almost two years old and these phones are now out of warranty as well. so there are slightly lesser chances that we might just end up seeing another recall from Samsung, but you never know, anything can happen.

Blast from the Past

This is not the first time that Samsung has had to deal with issues of its phone overheating and catching fire. The company had to deal with this issue back in 2016 as well when Note 7 faced overheating issues and caught fire. The company had to stop sales of the phone and recall the already sold phones in order to replace them. It now looks as if the same problem may be back yet again to haunt Samsung.