What is the best way to Play PS3 Games On PS4

The hardcore gamers present all over the globe own a vast collection of games and are always looking out for more new games to add to their collection. It won’t be wrong to say that they also own the latest PlayStation. PlayStation 4 or PS4 is an emerging marvel in the exciting virtual world of video games, and if you too have switched to the PS4 console, then I bet you must be having a lot of fun. The PS4 offers an immersive play to its users with its design and the games specially designed for it. But what about the games that you have played and loved for years? What about the PS2 and PS3 games? People are still wondering are ps3 games compatible with ps4 .
PlayStation has bought its new service to continue its domination the gaming world called PlayStation Now. It is no less than a revolution allowing the gamers to enjoy their distended library of PS3 and PS2 games that they own.


One could easily play the original PlayStation games on the PS2 console as a result of backward compatibility. Similarly, the PS3 console was backward compatible, and so one could easily play their PS2 games on it. And so now with the launch of PS4, everybody wants to know whether PS4 too provides its users the feature of backward compatibility. The answer might hurt some, but PS4 doesn’t have the function of backward compatibility. You cannot just insert your game disc from PS2 or PS3 into your PS4 console or by downloading it from the official Network of PlayStation. The reason simply being the difference in the architecture of both the consoles. Further to make it work, the full PS3 gets emulated by PS4, which demands a massive investment and labor.Easily Solve Tech Problem On Techsolitic

Play PS3 Games On PS4


If we look into the traditional meaning of backward compatibility, then it means playing the disks of older games or a cartridge in a new system. Some video game consoles have the feature of backward compatibility and can play games from the previous version of the console. But PS4 does not come with backward compatibility. Also, gamers nowadays are preceding the disc and cartridge era and downloading and installing games digitally.
Yes, it is possible though not due to backward compatibility but, through a service by Sony called PlayStation Now. So check out which PS3 games you can play with Sony PlayStation Now on your brand new PS4 console.


PlayStation Now is a gaming service that lets you play the older PS3 games by streaming their titles. And for that, you need a WI-FI connection of relatively high speed. So now you can enjoy the various games present in the PlayStation Now library. It contains all the titles of the PS3 games stored in an online cloud, giving the gamers an additional advantage of taking no time to install or update. Play PS3 games on PS4, the hack is also not required. All you need is to download PlayStation Now and set it up. Also, make sure that the Internet connection has a speed of 5Mbps or more.